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Symptom Monitoring: Basic Form
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(Internal or External):
Friend doesn't return my telephone call after 48 hours.
Automatic Thoughts
(Things that I Assume are True) (% out of 100%):
He doesn't like me (This seems 100% true);É
No one likes me (This seems 75% true);É
I'm unlovable (This seems 99% true).

Discomfort Level (0-10): 7
(I am also experiencing an overwhelming feeling of fatigue).
(Things I Did; Things Observable to Others):
Go to bed. Avoid answering phone when it rings. Nap. Isolate for 3 hours. Skip my exercise class at the gym.
Dispute the Automatic Thoughts
(Possible Alternative Viewpoints):
It's only been 48 hours. Maybe my friend is out of town. Even if he doesn't return my call, it doesn't mean I'm unlovable. I know that I always assume no one likes me. My usual maladaptive thinking errors are "jumping to conclusions" (No one likes me), "ignoring positive data " (My friend has been loyal to me for the past two years) and "all or nothing thinking" (If my friend doesn't call me it means that I am unlovable). I'm using all three of these thinking errors right now. I'm making assumptions without any evidence.
Discomfort Level: 4
(I still feel tired).

New Behavior or Plan of Action:
(i.e. Fight Maladaptive Thoughts &/or Engage in Pro-Active Behavior):
Get out of bed. Remind myself that isolating only makes me feel more unlovable. Identify a "tolerable" pro-active behavior that involves some contact with people: decide to go to the gym to take a hot tub and sauna. Once I'm at the gym, I have more energy and decide to exercise. I say "hi" to a few people who simile at me. Later, when I get home, I'm proud of myself for fighting my fear, challenging my maladaptive thinking and for being pro-active rather than passive.