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Maladaptive Schema/Underlying Beliefs

"I should be successful at everything I try."

"If I am not successful, then I am a failure."

"If I fail, then: I am worthless, I am unlovable, or, Life is not worth living."

"Failure is intolerable/unacceptable." "I should get the approval of everyone."

"If I am not approved of, then I am unlovable, ugly, worthless, hopeless, alone, etc."

"I should be certain before I try something."

"If I am not certain, then the outcome will be negative."

"I should never be: anxious, depressed, selfish, confused, uncertain, or unhappy with my partner, etc."

"I should always be on guard for any anxiety."

"If I let my guard down, something bad will happen."

"If people see that I am anxious, they will: reject me, humiliate me, think badly of me, etc."

"My feelings, relationships, sex life, behaviors, etc. should be wonderful and easy at all times."

From Treatment Plans & Interventions for Depression & Anxiety Disorders by R. Leahy and S. Holland. Copyright © 2000.