Maladaptive Cycle of Symptoms | Three Component Model

Trigger = An Overwhelming situation, place, physical sensation, feeling, thought, impulse, etc.)
Irrational Thoughts or Exaggerated Beliefs (e.g. Negative about Self, Others or the World) (e.g. Catastrophic, or Worried)
Uncomfortable Physical
(Rate 0-10 Discomfort Level)
Increase in Vigilance & Increase in Maladaptive Behavior
Increased Fear of Triggers
Temporary Decrease in Discomfort Level
(Maladaptive) Safety or Soothing Behavior

Cycle of Maladaptive Behavior | 3 Components of Emotion

Physical Sensations = Physiological
Thoughts / Beliefs = Cognitive
Soothing / Safety Behavior = Behavior

—Concept & Diagram by S Josephson, PhD & J Levitan, RN, MS, NP ø The NY Hospital- Cornell Med. Ctr. (1991)
Revised Concept & Diagram by L Martin, RN, MS, NP & Amori Mikami, PhD ø UCSF Medical Center (2003)