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Assistant Clinical Professor:
UCSF, Graduate School of Nursing
Founding Fellow, Certified Trainer & Consultant, Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT)
Certified Cognitive Therapist ACT #00319
ANCC PMH Clinical Nurse Specialist #13255201
PMH Clinical Nurse Specialist, CA CNS #3586
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, CA NP #10604
PMH Nurse Psychotherapist, CA PMH #544
Registered Nurse, CA RN #535612

2011-present | Adult Psychiatric & Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, Community Living Center, Social Focus Program, Veterans Administration Medical Center, San Francisco, CA

2008-present l Assistant Clinical Professor: UC Berkeley, Psychology Dept, Berkeley, CA

1999-present | Psychotherapist in Private Practice specializing in Cognitive-Behavior Treatment for Anxiety and Mood Disorders. Orinda, CA

2001-2006 | Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry (Psychotherapy Supervisor/Lecturer) UCSF. San Francisco, CA

1998-2001 | Clinical Research Coordinator, Cognitive-Behavior Group Therapy Program Supervisor, Individual Cognitive-Behavior Psychotherapist/Supervisor UCSF, Dept. of Psychiatry (Langley Porter). San Francisco, CA

1994-1997 | Clinical Instructor, Columbia University Graduate School of Nursing. New York, NY

1989-1997 | Research Coordinator & Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist-Anxiety & Mood Disorders Program, NY Hospital-Cornell Medical Center-WD. White Plains, NY

1989-1997 | Psychotherapist in Private Practice. White Plains, NY

1989-1992 | Consultant to Columbia University Family Study of Anxiety Disorders, Anxiety Disorders Clinic, NY State Psychiatric Institute. New York, NY

1990 | Consultant to National State Boards for Nurses-Study on Impaired Nurses. Bethesda, MD

1989 | Consultant to ADAMHA Study of Panic Disorder in Families of Alcoholics, NIH. Bethesda, MD

1984-1989 | Coordinator of Genetic Linkage & Family Studies; SADS/SCID Trainer, Anxiety Disorders Clinic, NY State Psychiatric Institute. New York, NY

1983-1984 | Nurse Manager - Borderline Personality & Eating Disorders Unit, Four Winds Hospital. Katonah, NY

1981-1983 | Charge Nurse - Neuropsychiatric Evaluation Unit, Yale-New Haven Hospital. New Haven, CT

1979-1981 | Charge Nurse - Young Adult Psychiatry Unit, Yale-New Haven Hospital. New Haven, CT

MS, Adult Psychiatric Nursing (includes psychotherapy internships); Columbia University, NY, NY (1988)
BS, Nursing; State University of New York-Health Sciences Center, Brooklyn, NY (1979)

President - Northern California CBT Network, 2010-present
Founding Fellow- Academy of Cognitive Therapy, 2000-present
Member - Obsessive Compulsive Foundation, 2001-present
Member - Anxiety Disorders Association of America, 1998-present
Member - Columbia University Alumni Association, 1989-present
Member - Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, 1987-present

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Have offered over 100 lectures for Patient & Family Education and for Colleague Enrichment about the following topics:

•Diagnosis and Treatment of Panic
• Phobias
• Social Anxiety
• Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression
• Diagnosis and Treatment of Bipolar Illness
• Managing Stress
• Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy
• Structured Diagnostic Interviewing (SADS/SCID Training).