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Symptom Monitoring: ABCDEFG Form
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Method of Cognitive Restructuring and of
Behavioral/Emotional Change

A = Activating Event (The situation or thought that triggered your maladaptive thought or discomfort.)

Friend doesn't return your phone call for 48hrs.

B = Belief (The maladaptive thought(s) you noticed.)

He doesn't like me…no one likes me…I'm unlovable."

C = Consequence (Change in mood/discomfort level.)

Mood goes from 2 (low) on the 0-10 scale of depressed mood to 7 (high level depression). Additional symptoms of low energy, craving sweets & hopelessness occur.

D = Dispute (Thoughts that dispute the maladaptive belief.)

It's only been 48 hrs. Maybe my friend is out of town. Even if he doesn't return my call, it doesn't mean I'm unlovable. I know that I always jump to the conclusion that no one likes me. My usual maladaptive beliefs are "jumping to conclusions", "ignoring positive data" (tunnel vision), "all or nothing thinking". I'm using all three maladaptive thoughts right now, without good evidence.

E = New Emotion (The new mood or change in discomfort level that occurs after practicing disputing thoughts.)

I feel less depressed (a 4 instead of a 7) when I realize that my thoughts are just assumptions based on old patterns of thinking and are not based on facts/evidence.

F,G = The Final Goal is to do a new, more adaptive behavior!

I need to avoid going to bed or isolating, which is what I usually do when think maladaptively. I need to take an "opposite action" such as re-calling this friend or calling another friend.